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Ian Penna

/ artist's statement

In the first year of this 2 year masters degree I chose to research the various permutations of site-specific art practices due to having previously explored a number of art-site relations. This first year of study underpinned my site responsive MA project. In a similar vein my MA project is inspired by a synthesis between environmental psychology and phenomenological approaches. The project is about ‘being’ in two places; one familiar and one unknown. Using a phenomenological approach as a form of experiential research combined with the interdisciplinary field of environmental psychology - place bound identity/ senses of place and place identification - has enabled me to form multiple responses to site/place. Throughout this project there has been a tension between child-like playfulness and adult creative practice leading to a more serious social, environmental, political, personal response to place.


Responding creatively to two sites has allowed me the artist/researcher to expand my conceptual enquiry and respond through a multitude of media including performative processes, film, sound, installation, photography and sculpture. 


Studying at Plymouth University has been a demanding but ultimately enjoyable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of doing their MA course.


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